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Custom Residential and Commercial Lighting—Electrical Repairs and Services


Give Your Property an Electrical Makeover

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Power Logic Electrical of Telluride, Colorado, is an electrical contractor specializing in custom residential homes. We also perform a variety of other electrical services, including installation, maintenance, and upgrades. Power your home or business safely with services from our electrical contractors in Telluride, Colorado.

Our Services Include:

 • Electrical Installation (New Construction)
 • Service Work
 • Electrical Maintenance
 • Service Upgrades
An Electrifying Choice for You
At Power Logic, our electrical contractors have 50 years of combined experience. We started the business to provide clients with quality electrical products and services at competitive rates.

From wiring that meets all existing codes to dramatic lighting that gives your home a modern appearance, we perform the work you request. You receive fair and safe electrical installation, repairs, maintenance, and upgrades when you call us.

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